Residential Fence Installation: Addressing The Issue Of Slope

Posted on: 11 July 2022

Ideally, fences will be installed on property with a flat grade. This means that there is no significant slope to the property. Unfortunately, many residential properties do not meet this criterion. Consequently, addressing the issue of the slope is quite common when dealing with residential fence installation. If you are looking to install a fence on a sloped property, you can learn more about some of your options below.

Option #1: Install A Straight Fence 

The first option you have available to you is to completely ignore the issue of slope and simply install a straight fence just as you would on a flat piece of land. If the slope of your property is more than just a few inches, you will likely notice that this approach leaves gaps along the bottom of your fence in areas where the slope is steepest. This could be a problem if you are installing a fence in order to keep a pet inside your yard or to keep unwanted animals out of your yard. 

Option #2: Install A Stepped Fence

The second option you have is to install what is known as a stepped fence. A stepped fence aims to follow the slope of your property by stepping up or down as needed in order to match the contours of the ground. The end result of this approach is that the top of your fence will resemble a set of stairs. While there are no functional issues with this type of fence installation, some homeowners will find that they simply do not like the way a stepped fence looks. Consequently, deciding whether or not this is the right solution for you will likely come down to your personal style preferences.

Option #3: Install A Racked Fence

Your final option for addressing the issue of the slope will be to install a racked fence. This is often the best option available since a racked fence is able to follow the slope of the property without leaving gaps along the bottom of the fence or creating a stepped appearance. This is accomplished using a rail along the bottom of the fence which follows the slope of the property while the fencing posts remain even. Since a racked fence is more labor-intensive to install, you will likely find that this is also the most expensive option available. Furthermore, the complexity of installing a racked fence will virtually eliminate any possibility of your completing this install on your own.