Wrought Iron Has So Many Residential And Commercial Possibilities

Posted on: 16 November 2021

Wrought iron fencing is a versatile type of fencing, and it can be used for many uses. From residential to commercial uses, wrought iron can often be the best option. Here are some examples of good uses for this fence, and some advantages to know about:

Wrought iron is great for residential purposes

There are a lot of features of this fencing that make it useful for residential properties for different reasons. Some features it offers include: 

  • It has a decorative and ornamental appearance
  • It offers different height options
  • It can be customized to blend in with the landscape and house well
  • It is strong and has a long lifespan
  • It requires very little maintenance
  • It can come in a variety of colors 
  • It can contain most sizes of dogs well

It is good for security since it can be tall, is hard to climb, and is hard to damage. This type of fence can be designed to be used with other types of fences like stone or wood. It can also be resistant to heat, pests, water, fire, and other threats that can damage most fencing.

There are many ways people choose to use wrought iron around their residential properties. Some examples of ways they are often used include: 

  • It is used to go completely around the entire property
  • It is used to enclose just front yards or backyards
  • It is used to separate an area of the property without enclosing it
  • It is used to encompass a single area, such as a garden or child's play area
  • It is used to fence in a pool area

Wrought iron is great for commercial purposes

Wrought iron fencing is a common choice with certain types of businesses. Some of its beneficial features include: 

  • It has a stylish look to it
  • It requires very little care, maintenance, and repairs
  • It can better secure an area
  • It can offer a commercial access control gate
  • It is difficult to break through
  • It can be seen through, allowing customers to see the business front and allowing security cameras to record the premises through it

Commercial properties can use wrought iron fencing for different areas of the property and for different reasons. Some examples of these uses include: 

  • The entire commercial property can be securely gated for security reasons
  • The employee parking lot can be gated to maintain control over the lot
  • The area where materials are stored can be gated to keep customers out
  • Hazardous areas can be gated for safety reasons
  • An expensive landscape can be gated to prevent people from going into that area
  • Decorative water features can be gated for safety reasons


Now that you have learned more about wrought iron and some of its uses, you may be able to determine if it can work for your purposes.