4 Things To Do Before Installing Chain Link Fence Filler Slats

Posted on: 9 November 2021

Privacy slats, which are sometimes referred to as fence filler or fence weave, are used to make an open, chain link–style fence into a solid fencing option. Fence filler slats can provide increased privacy while also making a chain link fence harder to climb and turning it into a windbreak. There are a few things to do before you add filler to the fencing, though.

1. Check Local Regulations

There may be rules governing what you can do to your fence. Municipalities typically have few rules about privacy slat installation on existing fences, but homeowner's associations (HOA) may have restrictions or guidelines in place. Some HOAs may not allow the use of filler slats at all, while others may only allow them on backyard fences, or they may only be allowed in certain color options. 

2. Manage Landscaping

It can be difficult to clear out grass and weeds that grow into a chain link fence, and the process gets more difficult once slats are installed. String trimmers, for example, can tear up the vinyl slats. Pull the weeds before installing the slats. Ideally, any plants growing right against the fence should be removed and gravel or a similar mulch to prevent plant growth should be installed.

3. Measure Your Fence

The old adage to measure twice applies when purchasing fence slats. There are actually two measurements you need. The first is to determine how much slatting to purchase. It comes on spools that are sold by the square foot, so multiply the length of the fencing by its height. Next, measure for slat width. To do this, just measure across one of the openings in the fence chain diagonally, from corner to corner. Slat width is usually marked on the spools in inches.

4. Choose a Color

Privacy filler slats come in a large range of colors. You can opt for a single color or you can combine colors to create a design. If your goal is to mimic a natural look so the fence fades into the background, then opt for earth tones such as soft brown or dull greens. For a crisp, white-picket look, white slats work well. Silver slats are also available, which give the look of a metal fence and can provide the benefit of reflecting light and warmth into the yard.

Talk to a fencing company to learn more about fence filler options, such as Pexco brand silver fence filler.