4 Ways To Turn A Chain Link Fence Into A Privacy Fence

Posted on: 9 August 2021

Many people don't install a chain link fence around their yard because they want to have some privacy. However, there are ways to create privacy with a chain link fence after it is installed. Here are a few techniques that can get the job done.

Vinyl Or Metal Slats

One way that you can add privacy that is easy to do on your own is to add vinyl or metal slats to the existing structure. These are long pieces that are weaved between the fencing material at an angle, and will prevent others from seeing through the fence. While there are tiny gaps in the material that are unavoidable, they do their job and prevent others from seeing into your yard easily. Just make sure to purchase slats that match the size of your chain link fence.

Mesh Screens

You always have the option to attach a mesh screen to your fence when you need privacy in a pinch. This is a simple and effective way to add privacy, because the mesh screen can be quickly attached to your fence using zip ties or metal wires. Some mesh screens are advertised to be windscreens, which have holes in the material from wind to pass through, which prevent the heavy winds from putting a lot of force on the fence. 

Evergreen Plants

Do you have the space to place plants in front of the fence that are evergreen? This means that the plants will not lose their leaves during the winter, so they will always be able to provide the covering necessary for privacy. Many people don't think of this as a way to add privacy with a chain link fence, but it is one way to do it that will help your yard look beautiful in the end. Since it's a natural privacy cover, you won't even really think of the fence behind the greenery that is providing you with secured property. 

Bamboo Screens 

Another option will be to place bamboo screens in front of the chain link fence that give you privacy coverage. Some people prefer the look of bamboo over vinyl, metal, or tarps because it is a natural material, so it is not too far fetched to see this type of material outside in nature to provide privacy. 

Looking for more ways to add privacy later on after your chain link fence is installed? Be sure to ask your fencing contractor for more ideas.