Does A Fence Add Value To Your Home?

Posted on: 13 July 2021

When discussing curb appeal, fences are always the last item on the list of improvements that will help improve home value. Fences serve two main purposes—they keep people or animals restricted to a location or restrict access to a location. 

But it can offer more benefits to your home, especially towards home value. Here is how fences add value to your home. 

Fences Define Your Space

Not all properties need a fence, especially if it's a concrete fence that makes the entire property look dull. The same applies if the fence is blocking a magnificent view of the coastline or forest. In such scenarios, consult a fence company to help you pick a suitable fence for your property. 

For example, the fence company can recommend a live fence that blends in with the surroundings and doesn't distract from the neighborhood's beauty. It will define your space while respecting the existing neighborhood. Such fences are suitable for rural areas where the main goal is to restrict the movement of pets and kids. 

Fences Improve Usability 

If your property is in a neighborhood where almost all properties are similar, the only way to stand out is your fence and lawn. However, keep in mind that just hiring a fence company to install a fence won't cut it. 

You'll also need to maintain this fence to get the most value out of it. If your fence is left unmaintained, it could lower your home's value compared to similar properties. Also, the value added by your fence will depend on its location. 

For example, if you have a fence around your pool, families with pets and little kids will want such properties. In this case, the fence serves as a safety feature, and some families might pay a premium for such properties. 

People with pets, especially dogs, will want a property with a sturdy fence. Most dogs can easily jump over a fence or dig their way out of a property. Dog owners will want a fence that their dogs can't scale or conquer.

Professional Installation 

The level of craftsmanship done on your fence will affect the value of your home. If you opt to install your fence and you have little-to-no experience, your fence might not hold up well over time. 

This is why you should work with a fence company to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Fencing is a significant investment, and if done right, it will improve the value of your home.