The Custom Fence Design Guide To Choosing Materials And Where To Use Them

Posted on: 12 July 2021

A fence is one of the essential structures in a yard. During the installation of a custom fence, homeowners need to decide many things such as privacy vs. visibility, chain-link vs. mesh, and natural wood vs. composite lumber. You also have choices for things like ornamental posts or decorative masonry columns to support sections. This guide will help with the decision-making process when installing a custom fence.

Options for Custom Fence Styles 

Fences can be a versatile addition to any home. They add privacy as well as decoration to the front lawn, and they can enhance a property's aesthetics. They can also be cost-effective once you decide on a design, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Custom fence designs come in all shapes and sizes. They can be picket designs that don't affect visibility, privacy fences, or veneers that look like masonry or other materials.

Choosing Materials for Your Custom Fence

When you are building a new custom fence, you also have choices for different types of materials. Choosing the proper materials for your custom fence will not only make it look better, but it will incorporate features that will increase its value and make it last longer. Options for the fence materials include conventional wood and many options for ornamental fence designs. Metal and vinyl are common materials used for ornamental fences, but you have other options for materials you can choose from include composites, wood, metal, or even vinyl.

Using Decorative Fence Posts to Add Style 

Choosing a material and location for your decorative fence posts will help improve both appearance and quality of maintenance. Ornamental posts are inexpensive and long-lasting solutions that make fencing more durable. In addition to posts, there are also options to use masonry pillars for durable custom fence features. The pillars can also include custom decorative designs and integrated features like outdoor lighting and electrical installations for landscaping. 

Choosing the Best Gate Designs and Hardware for Fencing 

There are gate designs in different materials like steel, aluminum, vinyl, bamboo, and hardwood materials. Different gate designs offer different advantages according to what you want your fence to look like. The hardware that can be added to the fence can include metal brackets, decorative fence caps, and other enhancements for your custom fence.

The materials and design are important for your custom fence installation project. Contact a fencing service to discuss these options for a new fence for your property.