3 Ideas for Personalizing Wood Fencing Before the Installation

Posted on: 7 July 2021

Once you've decided to have fencing installed in the front or backyard of your home, you could be determined to have it add the personality that is important to you. But, on the other hand, you may feel disappointed by the options for wood fencing since the colors and finishes could be limited in appearance.

To feel confident with the wood fencing you've chosen for your home, you need to see what kind of personalization can be done on your own or with professional help.

Have Staining Done

One effective way to refresh a wood fence is to have it stained. The color of a new wood fence may look too bright or have issues that can get in the way of giving your yard the personality you want. Staining also can be an excellent option for changing the color without it being too expensive.

To feel good about how staining turns out, consider the following steps.

  • Begin with clean fencing
  • Let the stain dry between coats
  • Lay down a drop cloth before starting

Since staining can be challenging depending on the amount of fencing you have, you may prefer hiring a professional or purchasing a stained fence from the start.

Include Decorative Posts

Another option for giving your fence some personality is to have decorative posts installed on the tops of each fence post. From a classic post cap to a very small gothic gargoyle, there are many different options to consider, which can help give your fencing the personality you want.

Having the post caps placed before you install the fence can allow you to save money and have more freedom over how the fencing will look once you install the caps. 

Combine with Landscaping

Before the fencing installation, you have an excellent opportunity to work on the landscaping. In some cases, the landscaping could need adjustments due to tall bushes, shrubs, and trees with overgrown roots. Suitable landscaping could include climbing vines, flowerbeds, and hanging planters, making it best to keep the plants you want in mind when choosing a fence. Making adjustments to the landscaping first can ensure that your fence doesn't cause any obstructions or leads to limits over the landscaping you'll enjoy. 

The installation of a new fence can come with concerns over how it will fit into your yard and have the appearance you want. Since fencing plays a big part in how the outside of your home looks, you should try to be patient when making a decision and see what you can do to add a personality to your fence. Keep these tips in mind when looking at wood fence services near you.