5 Fence Repair Issues That A Fencing Contractor Can Help You Fix

Posted on: 24 June 2021

Are you looking for ways to restore the functionality and aesthetics of your fence? Then you'll need to consult reliable fence repair services to reinforce privacy and security around your property. For a reason, regular fence repairs extend the lifespan of your fence while saving you costly replacement costs.

Although you've followed a strict fence maintenance routine, the elements, type of materials, or heavy impact can leave parts of your fence broken or sagging. When you notice signs of damage, settled or lost fence components, contact a credible fence repair service in your locality. The following are some fence repair issues that a fencing contractor can help you repair.

1. Leaning Or Sagging Fence

When your fence starts to buckle and sag, it poses a security risk. To avoid such an eyesore around your property, you must engage reliable fence repair professionals. If the posts are weak or there are soil issues, these professionals can inspect, identify and fix the problem. Sagging or leaning fences don't have to be replaced just because they're out of line. Impact, strong winds, or loose fence posts could be causing the problem. Instead of replacing it, a fence contractor can reinforce the posts, or adjust weak fence joints to restore their strength.

2. Staining Or Mildew Infestation

Installing a tall fence in a high humidity area leaves it susceptible to staining and mildew growth. Such fence issues require quick fixes. You can wash off the mildew with water but if it's a serious infestation, a fence repair specialist can help. Fortunately, these professionals can advise you on the best watts to seal or stain your wood fence to make it moisture resistant.

3. Impact Damaged Sections

Your fence sections can break if there's impact damage. You probably lost control of your vehicle, and it dislodged some boards and slats. Fence damage after a mild storm requires quick repair to reinforce security around your home. A skilled fence repair technician will assess the damage to determine the repairs to carry out. They can fix new boards and ensure they portray uniformity with the rest of the boards.

4. Broken Or Jammed Gates

Fence gates facilitate easy access while keeping intruders out. But if the hinges are jammed, or the gates won't close properly, it could be a misaligned slat, loose posts, or misaligned frames. A fence repair professional can fix your gate to enhance easy access and control.

5. Broke The Rules

If you've installed a fence but failed to adhere to local or neighborhood codes, you don't have to replace it entirely.  A reliable fence repair contractor can help you to modify it to comply with standards. If you flouted the height requirements or encroached into a neighbor's property, simple adjustments and repairs can help rectify such a mistake.