Four Types of Commercial Fences to Install

Posted on: 23 June 2021

Fencing your commercial property is essential, mainly due to security reasons. With a fence around your property, burglars can't easily access your assets, preventing financial losses. Additionally, a commercial fence provides privacy and curb appeal. However, installing a fence can be a challenge due to the many types available. To make the process easy for you, here are four types of commercial fences to install.

1. Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is ideal if you're installing a perimeter fence quickly. Additionally, this type of commercial fence can offer privacy and reduce wind and noise. You can also install a chain link fence indoors to keep workers away from machines preventing workplace accidents. 

Chain link fences are durable and can withstand weather elements, such as rain and hail. Additionally, manufacturers usually coat chain link fences to prevent corrosion. These coats have different colors, and you can choose your preferred color. Besides, the maintenance of these fences is simple. You need to wash the fences and tighten loose bolts or lubricate the hinges for the proper functioning of a chain link fence.

2. Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is also an excellent choice for a business since it's lightweight and easy to install. The fence is durable since vinyl is UV protected and isn't prone to rotting or corrosion. Hence, except for regular cleaning, the fence requires minimal upkeep. The costs of installing and maintaining vinyl fences are low, and this reduces business expenses. Additionally, vinyl fences usually offer privacy and come in different designs, colors and heights. Therefore, you can choose a vinyl fence style that suits your preferences.

3. Farm-Style Fence

Also known as horse fencing, people usually utilize farm-style fences around their farm businesses. The primary material for these fences is wood. For additional security, fence contractors can add electric fencing or wire mesh fencing to contain your animals. Farm fencing is appealing since the wood blends in with the natural surroundings perfectly. The maintenance of a farm-style commercial fence entails repairing or replacing broken or rotten boards.

4. Metal Fence

Popular metal fencing material options include steel and aluminum. These heavy-duty metals are durable and require little upkeep. That's because commercial fence manufacturers use acrylic finishing that increases the durability of the fence. The acrylic finish also prevents the fence from fading. Additionally, the metal fences come in a variety of designs that offer both security and aesthetic appeal.

Commercial fence options include chain link, vinyl, metal, and farm-style fences. If you want to install a commercial fence for your business, consider one of these options.