Live Next To A Forest? 3 Benefits Of Installing A Backyard Fence

Posted on: 18 June 2021

As a homeowner, you may enjoy privacy on each side of your property from the fences that your neighbors installed. If your backyard leads to a forest, you may conclude that several concerns and problems come from unobstructed access to this space. Hiring professionals to add a backyard fence will help you complete the protective perimeter around your property.

Wild Animals

Stopping every wild animal from getting into your backyard with a fence is not an option. However, you will succeed in blocking problematic ones such as deer, coyotes, and rabbits.

These animals can walk through your garden, eat your plants, and bring in pests. Coyotes pose an extra threat with their ability to harm your young children and small pets. If a fence alone is not enough to keep coyotes off your property, you should plan to add coyote rollers along the top.

A fence builder can also add coyote rollers to existing fences to maximize protection. If you and your neighbor maintain the existing fence, you should get them involved in the discussion.


Most backyards produce debris that needs cleaning such as leaves, seeds, and twigs. Along with cleaning up this mess, you may need to set aside extra time to clean up forest debris.

Even if bushes and trees in the forest can survive on their own, you should expect them to create debris in the surrounding area. This debris can blow in the wind and get in your yard, which puts plants at risk of getting smothered and demands more of your time for cleaning.

An effective strategy to keep leaves and twigs out is by installing a tall and solid fence. These two qualities will minimize the chance that landscape debris slips through into your backyard.


Mice, rats, and insects can cause problems both inside and outside your home. Keeping them out is a matter of blocking all their entry points. Since insects are so small and can fit through the tiniest crevices, you should consider using insect-repellent wood for protection. A vinyl fence also works because this fence type is solid from top to bottom without any gaps.

Forests can harbor all sorts of pests that you should keep away. Speaking with a fence contractor about the pests in the woods nearby will help you plan out a fence that protects against them.

A backyard fence can provide many benefits while living next to a forest.